Squash Squad Finished

May 31, 2021 | Hand Embroidery, Quilting

Squash Squad: Judy's Version

Squash Squad is Finished!

On September 21, 2020, Sue Spargo offered a free Stitch Along on Instagram. This stitching challenge spanned nine weeks with a block a week introduced. From Monday to Thursday, new stitches were introduced so that by Friday, the squash was completed.
I enjoyed this project immensely. For one thing, I got to practise stitches, that under normal circumstances, I would probably not bother with! It was just what was needed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Most of these squash / pumpkins were not familiar to me and I had to do a bit of research on them.

  1. Spaghetti Squash
  2. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  3. Queensland Blue Pumpkin
  4. Baby Boo Pumpkin
  5. Blue Hubbard Squash
  6. Knuckle Head Pumpkin
  7. Big Moon Pumpkin
  8. Mellow Yellow & Painted Purple Pumpkin
  9. Porcelain Princess Pumpkin

My wall hanging has the blocks presented as they were given to us, starting on the top and going across then on to the next row. For the border, I decided to stitch a variety of vines. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the embellishments, but I rather liked the way it turned out.

Squash Squad Border Detail 4
Squash Squad Border Detail 1
Squash Squad Border Detail 3
Squash Squad Border Detail 2
Squash Squad Border Detail 6
Squash Squad Border Detail 5

My Progress

If you wish to read about my progress on this project, check out the links from my blogspot posts.



  1. Rose

    Beautiful?! How did you find out about the sew-a-long with Sue Spargo?

    • JC20-ltc

      Hi, Rose,
      I follow Sue Spargo on Facebook and Instagram. When I saw she was offering a free Stitch Along, I joined up to do it. It was a fun project.


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