Art Piece Has a New Home

Jun 2, 2021 | Art Pieces, Free-Motion, Hand Embroidery

Side04 Showing Birch Trees

Art Piece Has a New Home

Last year I was asked to teach an online course about creating my Garden Sewing Box. Since the original was created in 2005, I felt I needed to make another one. Well, one evolved into making two, as photos were needed of the creative process.

In any case, the second one was seen by an art lover, who immediately fell in love with it. This spring, after the course was done, it was purchased.

Side 01

This side of the piece has an appliqued planter barrel with hand embroidered flowers. I use lots of French knots using various weights of threads and wool. Rocks are made from commercial fabrics, hand dyed fabrics or photographs of ‘rocks’ that are printed on silk from my computer.

I love using lupins or other tall flowers in a piece. Some lupins and foliage have been directly stitched onto the background while others have been stitched in a hoop, cut out and added by hand to give a 3-D appearance. The rocks on this side are from commercial fabric and hand appliqued in place. Tiny for-get-me knots are hiding in the grass. The daisies have been stitched in a hoop and added to the garden.

Side 03

Two planter containers are the focus of this panel. The pinkish flowers are made with the ‘drizzle‘ stitch. Any tiny yellow flowers in the grass are dandelions. Most of my landscapes have a few of these ‘flowers’ somewhere in the picture to remind me of my mother. She will be 100 in November. When I was a small child, I would pick these for her. She was always gracious for them and always thanked me. But apparently, they didn’t stay in the house for long (so I was told) because she was afraid they might have tiny insects in them.

The birch trees are from commercial fabric that are hand appliqued in place. The red poppies are cut out from silk fabric that has been stiffened. Black French knots hold them in place. If you look closely, you will see the ‘eye’ to hold the 3 hooks, at the top left side.


Side04 Showing Birch Trees
Side 01

I used 3 large hooks and an eye as a way to close the top of this box. In the previous photo, you can see the ‘eye’.



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