The Shimmers Collections


The shimmers collections show all the shimmers that I currently produce.  This is the general collection. Other collections will be added soon.

Shimmers are made from heat-bonded Angelina Fibres with a variety of other shiny fibres and bits.  The designs are machine embroidered and hand trimmed.  Because of the random nature of the fiber selection and layering process and the variety of threads selected for stitching, no two shimmers will ever look exactly the same.  They are mostly translucent and sparkle and shine as they are moved by very slight air currents.

Ideal for hanging on a tree or other seasonal decoration, or for simply hanging in the window,  shimmers are lightweight and durable (easy to mail).  They range in size from 6cm (2.25″) to 10cm (4″) wide by 5cm (2″) to 10cm (4″) high.

The General Collection

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