It’s 2022 Already

Feb 9, 2022 | Wearable Art

The Mossy Green Scarf Reverse Side

It’s Been Awhile

I’ve had to put most things on the back burner since my last post. On October 8, my husband had heart bypass surgery! It was a shock as it happened so quickly. In hindsight, his health issues were coming on for a long time, but he was contributing the fatigue etc. to asthma, which he’s had for over 30 years. He finally went to see the health practitioner in May and was put on the list for a battery of tests. These occurred between July and late August, which resulted in the need for heart bypass surgery. We were very concerned that he might have to wait for this due to COVID-19. However, after several trips to emergency in September, he was finally kept in on the last visit and taken by ambulance to Halifax resulting in surgery that week.

So, nothing new was done to my website. Plans were to have had the Christmas Shimmers photographed and added to the Shimmers page, other art pieces to be added to the Gallery and a shop designed. This is my husband’s area of expertise but due to his health, all that was benched for the time being.

Life had been a roller coaster ride up to that point. He has reached the 4th month since the surgery. Things have settled down and we are getting back to our normal routines. He is feeling great and can’t wait to get back to working on his workshop, designing new products for the laser machine and embroidery machines. He creates the final drawings and the embroidery files for the shimmer ornaments.

I did attend two craft fairs just before Christmas, one at White Point Beach and the other in Lunenburg. These were well attended, and everyone obeyed the health protocols of wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. I don’t know what this new year will bring but we all need to be vaccinated and hope life will start to get back to some form of normal.

Here is a closeup of a Reversible Fibre Lace Scarf that I created last fall and someone purchased at White Point Beach. I love how the colours are like the mossy rock in my back garden. A full version is shown in the next photo. You can just see a hint of the reverse side with turquoise and salmon shades showing. The Featured Image shown above is the reverse side of this scarf.

Scarf on Mossy Rock

Scarf on Mossy Rock

Fibre Lace Scarf

Fibre Lace Scarf Hanging on a Tree

The Last Two!

These are, in fact, the last two scarves for 2021.  Both scarves were purchased in December as Christmas presents.  More to come in 2022!

Fibre Lace Scarves - The Last 2 of 2021

Fibre Lace Scarves – The Last 2 of 2021

The Last Scarf of 2021

The Last Scarf of 2021

Current Project

I am currently working on more of my Pisci Fantasticus which means Fantasy Fish. More on this coming up in my next posting. However, you can have a quick look at some previous fish that were created a few years ago before leaving Newfoundland.

3-D Fish Link will open in new window

Look for more information in a coming post.


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