Apr 1, 2023 | Art Cards, Art Pieces, Dryer Sheets

Iceberg off Avalon Peninsula

The Annual Iceberg Parade

Nature has always played a prominent role in my work.  Icebergs loom large in the Newfoundland experience.  For thousands of years, the annual spring migration of icebergs from the Arctic has filled bays and harbours with huge chunks of ice.  Some are so large the become gounded—stuck on the bottom—and remain for months.  They chill the air and the water with profound effects on the weather.

Years ago, we took a trip to the Northern Peninsula, to take a boat ride among the bergs. It was quite an adventure!  We were in a 35 foot long boat and it was completely dwarfed by the bergs.

Iceberg Landscapes

As a result of my ride around the ‘bergs’ in 2002, I created a few textile landscapes with icebergs in them. The skies and water in these pieces were hand dyed. The icebergs were from my own collection of photos which were scanned into the computer and printed onto 100% white cotton.

We photographed those landscapes before they were sold and used the images for greeting cards, shown below.  Those are still part of the collection that I sell.

Art Cards

For many years I have been creating art cards.  I use  variety of materials and techniques to apply my designs to a piece of heavy interfacing, which is then glued to a blank greeting card. 

Completed Art Card

Iceberg Art Cards

Iceberg art cards employ similar techniques.  The ‘iceberg’ is made from scrunched up painted and ‘glittered’ dryer sheets which are then stitched onto hand painted backgrounds.  I use acrylic paint for the sky and water. Have you tried using dryer sheets in your art work? I washed out a full pack of the so called ‘unscented’ ones years ago and put them in the dryer. They still had a scent on them even though they were marketed as ‘scent free’. I then stuffed them in a large glass jar until I was ready to use them.  I am still using them!

Iceberg Art Card


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